Kerala BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plan – Mithram


Kerala BSNL introduces a new pay per second Prepaid Mobile Plan under the name ” Mithram”. The following are the tariff/activation details.


This site is no way related to BSNL. Any complaints related to BSNL plans/connections should be filed directly to the BSNL officials. You may visit the BSNL site at We will not/cannot reply to any complaints related to the BSNL services. Please do not send us any such complaint mails.


Tariff Details

Sl.No Tariff details
1 SIM(32K Unpaired)+ Activation Charges Free(Available from CSC only)
2 MRP of starter pack(FRC Cost)inclusive of S.Tax Rs.53/-
3 Talk Value Rs.50/-
4 Validity 180 days
5 Basic Plan General PPS
6 Call Charges As per General PPS
7 SMS Charges a.FREE-2000(Local+National)for 6 monthsb.Beyond free limit-Local 50ps, National 60ps, ISD-Rs.5/-
8 STV-Applicability All STVs except STV 45&STV 49 are allowed

Special Features

Sl.No Tariff details
1 Friends & Family Charges Any 1 BSNL number&balance 4 to any network within Kerala(More than 1 BSNL number
is allowed
On-Net 10 ps /min ( Main number to BSNL Number in F&F)
Off-Net 30 ps /min ( Main number to other N/W Number in F&F
Change of F&F numbers Rs.5/-per change per number
F&F Implementation Through SMS to 53733
a. Addition of  F&F numbers initially FFE<>1st No<>2nd No<>3rd No<>4th No<>5th NoFive numbers are compulsory for first registration and for every change.1st Number should be BSNL Local LL/Mobile<>-space
b. Change (Cancellation) of F&F numbers FFE <> old number <> New number1. At a time only one change will be allowed.2. Rs.5/- will be charged for each change3. Repeat the process for every change if any.

Cumulative Recharge*1

Sl.No Tariff details
1 Threshold Talk value Rs.220/-when the total top-ups during
the validity period reaches 220/- then the plan validity will be extended to 180days
from the end date of the present validity..
STVs through SMS*2(applicable to all plans if STV amount is available in the account) SMS to 53733eg: STV101 may be send to 53733 for STV101

Validity extension using Top-Up

Sl.No Top-Up Denom. Normal Talk Value Validity
1 55 49.86 45
1 55 49.86 45
2 110 99.73 90
3 220 199.46 180

Migration is implemented for the following plans:

Sl.No Plan
1 Old student Suvidha/ New student
2 Women power
3 Home plan/ Pyari Jodi
4 Saral PPS/ Saral @49
5 general/ General PPS/ General All@49
6 Old anant/ New anant/ saral anant
7 Excel gold
8 Ayush
9 Ayush ++


Migration to MITHRAM is also allowed for the following MNP port in plans

Sl.No Plan
1 women power
2 saral PPS
3 Saral @49
4 Saral anant
5 Student suvidha
7 General Plan



1 After migration, for all plans validity will be reduced to 30 days which can be extended using validity extension vouchers mentioned at
2 Existing F& F and existing boosters will be removed and subscriber has to add F & F as per MITHRAM plan
3 If Pyari Jodi migrates to MITHRAM, home number will be removed and MITHRAM F&F condition will apply
4 Rs 45/- will be deducted as migration charges.
5 Migration is not allowed for other plans like 3 G ,CUG
6 Bangalore IN numbers -migration to MITHRAM plan will be implemented shortly


Migration to MITHRAM through SMS -With Rs.45/-

1 Other plan customers are allowed to migrate to MITHRAM plan through SMS.For migration to MITHRAM, SMS format is MMITR to 53733
2 for confirmation, send SMS
MMITRY to 53733


*1 This feature will be implemented shortly for other plans

*2 In addition to the above, other options are also available


This site is no way related to BSNL. Any complaints related to BSNL plans/connections should be filed directly to the BSNL officials. You may visit the BSNL site at We will not/cannot reply to any complaints related to the BSNL services. Please do not send us any such complaint mails.

Jagannathan V N / ജഗന്നാഥന്‍ വി എന്‍
CEO, / ഇ-ലോകം.കോം

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  1. s.sukumaran /

    i have submitted FFE under mithram plan on 28-12-2011
    so far no confirmation received.My Bsnl mobile no. is

    bsnl service is very poor

    1. admin / Post Author

      Have you got atleast a message saying that “your request has been received” from BSNL? If not you may try once again to send the message. Send it in the format “FFE Number1 Number2 Number3 Number4 Number5″ (without quotes) to 53733.



    1. Jamsheer /

      I Have the same problem. if ur problem solved, Please help me?

    2. brilly /

      Your default sms no is wrong in phone/sim

  3. Satheesh Chandran.k /

    What is Ayush Plan ?

  4. Anish /

    Thanks Admin for this very useful details…

  5. dipin /

    How can i change one of my F&F number?

    1. Mohamed Riyas A. M. /

      You can change one of your F&Fs by sending SMS in the following format to 53733.

      SMS format: FFE

  6. Jaison /

    I have a bsnl women power plan and its expired… Wat should i do to active it…?

  7. ajith /

    i have taked a new connection
    plan is mithram
    i called customer care and they say that 2000 sms are free
    but i am not able to send msgs
    it shows that msg sending failed try again
    my phone number is 828134516

  8. regina .r /


    i have submitted FFE under mithram plan on 15-06-2012
    so far no confirmation received.My Bsnl mobile no. is

  9. Pramod Nair /

    Std numbers also usable in this plan? Because i, am using Mithram plan now. Now i would like to change the selected numbers. I, am using An Indian Sim card after one year. Thats why i ask? Anyone here to help me?
    Mr. Sukumaran, you are telling the truth. Bsnl service is very very poor.

  10. renu /

    I have submitted a change in FFE number under the format FFM old number new number. A message was recieved saying that “your request has been received” from BSNL but no change was taken. wen i tried customer care number 1503 it was always in queue

  11. joel /

    i have changed my idea to bsnll and nw it sux…

  12. bhupesh /

    can anyone give information on std boosters for bsnl old student suvidha????????????

  13. Deepak /

    I have just used plan for 1 month..mssge offr is 6mnths…balance is abt 1500 mssges free..but aftr 6th sptmbr therer is no mssge offr for me..losing money..on 5th of the month it was told that i had 1400 free mssges…help..anyone…

    1. joshie /

      i had similar problem on utradam about 3 months, validity of message offer expired..thought it was 6 months..bull shit

  14. Ajith Kalloor /

    Good ……I Realy like B S N L……Thanks a lot…..

  15. priya /

    sir.i want to deactivate my bhavisyavani pack….please deactivate my bhavisyavani pack……… num 8547393424

  16. joshie /

    with rs 49 as validity extension recharge for mithrea,how long is the validity of 1000 free messages

  17. nps /

    Can anyone tell me how to get back to home/pyari jodi plan from mithram ?

  18. anish animon /

    how many rs card rechare voucher use mithram validity 1 year duration…

  19. noushi /

    me migrated to mithram plan through sms….everything is ok…but i didnt get sms offer 2000 for 6 months…i got only 1000 sms /1 month..then its finished…y this?…

    1. roshy /

      im also having d same prob………..will i get d nxt 1000free sms next mnth. Wat abt d 2000 msgs n abt d validity. if i renew 4 d same plan after 6 mnths will i get 2000sms free. PLZ REPLY

    2. megha /

      im having the same problem..why its so..and no reply if we call custmer care also..

  20. devendar /
  21. anish /

    i tried for internt package 252 and combo.. but its not recharging… how to activate internet 3g/2g??

  22. joshua /

    How to change my student 2g plan to mithram.?

    1. vishnu /

      First change your plan to general plan by sending an sms MGEN to 53733. Then recharge your mobile using plan voucher 49.

  23. Asish /

    i have submitted FFE under mithram plan on many times
    so far no confirmation received.My Bsnl mobile no. is

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dial *123# and check whether your number has been approved under Mithram Plan.

  24. jithesh jose /

    i just port my reliance to bsnl.i got maximum 40kbps speed in reliance.but in the case of bsnl,i just got maximum of 4kbps.what is the reason…?give me a solution.

  25. haribabu /

    is there any f&f offer for std in mitram plan

  26. Soumya /

    I ‘ve renewed my mitram plan for rs 49. Is ther any ofr like fre msgs or fre calls?

  27. Ajesh M b /

    I like mithram plan

  28. mohamedkutty p /

    I took mithram plan rs 49,recharged again with renewal rs 49 and rs 50 for talking on 10/10/2013.when my balance was.22.28, from my account rs.15 was deducted with out my consent by telling for cricket play ,Then I complaited to customer care and given reply as per 3j24kl303942-bsnl.nothing has been come to my mobile about amount or any message so far ,now going to complete a week.why these type of irregularities in bsnl,If i want value added service I shall ask for it like tv,cricket etc,Message or sms coming directly to mobile saying that you have been charged and reply for decativation,How I can recharge and believe bsnl on prepaid message or sms came to me for activation of rs.15 for cricket..Next day coming for deactivation reply STOP.This is not a correct practice to deduct and also the costomer ,in future do not like to recharge for for amounts more than rs.15.or to renew the pack with Rs.49/
    reply pls.

  29. sini /

    how to change my pyari jodi plan to mithram.

  30. tom jose v /

    how to increase the validity of my pyari jodi plan???

  31. tom jose v /

    how to increase the validity of my pyari jodi plan??

  32. koyakutty /

    I got a message saying about all TV channel for Rs. 40/- per moth after, after that received another mail it activated, then i DE activate it . now i got another message saying it renewed with Rs. Rs.150/-. it is very poor and cheating us with their offer

    my No. Is 8547849285

  33. Noble /

    Those with doubts, contact: 09446485814

  34. anoop /

    Me ported Vodafone to bsnl, now I can’t make calls I think I should make a first call to some number, could you please let me know which is that number

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  37. Niyas /

    MMITR to 53733

    then send

    MMITRY for confirmation

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  45. Riyas /

    BSNL is very bad.
    My area is Beemapally in Trivandrum.
    Hear is very bad network coverage in 3G and too slow on 3G internet.
    Some time, if I turned on Internet….. it will not receive data.
    Not only my problem. ….. hear too many peoples having this trouble.

    Bsnl changed their ussd codes. It’s too difficult.
    Validity extending sms activating code has gone.
    I’m going to Port my stupid BSNL number .

  46. jinoy /

    Very bad net work coverage erumapetty (thrissur) and not a available in 3gservices I requested in officer u r interested and come in 3g services

  47. Rubin /

    From 2009 onwards i am using bsnl GSM network,the services they provide is ok and its very attractive for me like customer who uses the unlimited talktime packages,but its very disappointing factor is that the quality of the sim card bsnl provided,after every 12 hrs its showing that “invalid sim card”.need to restart the phone to solve this l,and its happaning frequently. Its very worst and cheap quality sim card they provided.Is there any solution to get good quality sim card from bsnl?

  48. Dr.Thahira Abdulla /

    sir, I am having prepaid mobile data plan valid till jan 16. I would like to change to ffe plan. is this possible? what is the benefit of being on data plan? my mobile no. is 9995409634

  49. Dr.Thahira Abdulla /

    sir , my mobil 9995409634. is on prepaid data plan which is valid till jan 16. I would like to shift to mithram plan. what should I do? what is the benefit of the data plan?

  50. hds yadav /

    sir ,I purchased a mitram plan shim in I want to change in to pyari Jodi.what should I do? my mob no. is 9447647801.

  51. hds yadav /

    sir ,I purchased a mitram plan shim in I want to change in to pyari Jodi.what should I do?my mob no. is9447647801

  52. vikram /

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    internet platform change you trouble free simple recharge with additional money back, free bonus, instant loan recharge and a

    chance to induce lifespan Free Recharge Values.

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